2021 #2 - Spring forward & cleanup activities

Jai Shri Krishna to all visitors! Last few weeks have been quite busy @ the Vraj gardens. Sharing a pic of the residual snow still trying to stay back (on March 20): Last mound of snow trying to stay kool😎 Initial weeks included the following activities: Inspection of the grounds  Borders of the Butterfly Garden are falling apart (check the pic below) Check out the rotted border.  We will need some help from  volunteers to rebuild / restore the borders! 1 ornamental tree in the entrance central garden did not survive and we suspect it was infected with fungus and was dug out and removed (and trust me, even dead trees that have been in the ground are really a challenge to dig out - but it was a fun kinda challenge!             Read this part only if you want to know what was done -               - We found the root ball location for this tree (@ a foot away from the trunk)               -  We dug deep enough to be able to push our shovels from opposite sides               -  And convin

2021 - Vraj in White!

 Jai Shri Krishna!  and a Happy 2021 to all the readers from the Vraj team! Was at Vraj Temple during last week of February, as snow had stopped and had been a long time since my Vraj visit last year. During the Hibernation period, we did spend some time listing and prioritizing the projects that we wanted to take on this year, and will share the details in later posts. (If I forget, do not hesitate to ask!). However, back to my Vraj visit.  Was feeling excited to be at Vraj after quite a while, and the feeling was similar to the one of going to school on the first day of school re-opening after the holidays.  Atleast 1 partner in crime was coming too, so was happy to meet up with him in person.  Somehow, as soon as I take the turn onto Rt. 895, the car tends to speed up a bit!  Let me know if you have experienced it or not 😊 . The road was a bit slushy from the slow rain, and had to be careful, but as soon as I reached the main entrance, i took the liberty to stop the car, slide down

Shri Giriraj ji Festival on 6th Sept

 6th Sept marked the 'Shri Giriraj ji Festival' at Vraj. It was a wonderful long weekend.  Was there for a couple nights, and noticed a lot of activity.  Lots of people stayed over for the long weekend, which meant quite a few kids and the playgrounds were full of activity! But when I had to go out to my car after Dinner of Pulav, Kadhi and vegetables, was amazed at this beautiful pic of our temple! On the other hand, after doing the Yamunaji aarti in the morning, was blessed to see a rainbow!  Check out a couple of the pics below! Other activities included weeding in most cases, and we had Uloopi ben helping out in the sun weeding, trimming and arranging additional flower pots at the Giriraj ji premises.   The remaining time was spent in the Yamunaji Garden, clearing weeds. But was elated to see a couple cat's munching away on the Milk Weed plant.  Yes, they are Monarch cats! check out the pics below. Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Do come over for a day, or two, or for a who

Hi and Welcome from the Vraj Beautification Team!

 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! This is the Shri Ganesh (beginning) of an experiment to have a forum to share news, views and pics of vraj and its beautiful and serene Vraj Bhumi(campus). We humbly welcome you to this forum and hope that each one of you will be actively participating here. From our perspective, participation can be active or passive.  Active-where you can share your views, pics and feedback with us, or Passive-where you regularly come over to this blog and go over the news and happenings and smile! That said, we are always looking for more participating volunteers and you can definitely join us, but before that a little about us: We are a group of volunteers, giving our time and efforts to the Vraj temple.  Our contributions are not only towards the gardens, but some of us have helped as and when needed to other activities too, like serving food, cleanups, visitors management. You would be surprised to know that the Wi-Fi setup though out the temple premises has been possible